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After a long career path in the fields of sustainability, strategic relationship management, communication and social media (LinkedIn profile), I started with Studio Champagne in 2016.

During a Masterclass of one of Champagne's highly esteemed champagne houses, I felt instantly and passionately in love with champagne and the Champagne region and I have been specializing in champagne ever since.

To gain more knowledge about wine and champagne, I studied (and tasted!) a lot and in 2017, I passed my SDEN 3 exam in the Netherlands. In 2020, I passed the Champagne MOOC exam (completion with merit), Richard Juhlin's Champagne Masterclass and of course, one never stops learning about champagne and Champagne (which is the best part)! 

I organized different champagne tastings and workshops for small, exclusive groups.  

After having spent a lot of time getting to know more about the most festive sparkling wine in the world and sharing my passion for champagne on social media (Instagram @studiochampagne), I created an independent website, fully dedicated to champagne, for the Dutch market.


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In 2021, I moved to Reims (France), where I started working as an ambassador and guide at one of the most highly valued champagne houses, Maison Ruinart. I learned a lot about champagne, about the region and most of all, about the people. It was a truly immersive period that few people are fortunate to experience in their lives.

At the end of 2021, I decided to become an independent entrepreneur again, as I had been before in the Netherlands. I realized that many people who are visiting the Champagne region, encounter some difficulties in preparing their stay in Champagne.

Many of them come to Champagne without really preparing their visits to champagne houses and producers and therefore they might miss out on some great and unique experiences .

Many champagne houses and champagne producers are not open to the general public and it will not always be appreciated if you drop by without prior notice, or if you request a last minute visit.

To help visitors to experience Champagne at a high level, I thought of creating an exclusive and personal concierge service, that would go beyond the 'standard' service.  As I have a broad experience with exclusive hospitality services, I created Studio Champagne, an independent luxury concierge service in Champagne. 

My goal was to 'create unique experiences for unique people'. Only bespoke programs, for small groups of guests. To create exclusive, unforgettable experiences in Champagne, the program is based on the wishes (if any) of the client and in close collaboration with our 'partners of excellence'. With our knowledge of champagne and the Champagne region and with our broad experience, we will provide a unique program for each client. 


Studio Champagne is not a travel agency, nor a tour operator, but provides luxury concierge services and personal assistance.  The client always remains completely in charge and all concierge services are tailor-made. We also work with trusted travel agencies, both in Champagne and in other countries, who are able to host bigger groups and who offer all-inclusive packages at different levels.That way, we are also able to connect our potential clients to other partners. 

If you would like to know more about Studio Champagne's luxury concierge services, please feel free to contact us. 


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