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Website UMC

Champagne houses

The champagne houses, which often create the major brands, are united in the Union des Maisons de Champagne (UMC). Together they are responsible for 2/3rd of all shipments and 90% of the worldwide export of champagne.

On the website of the UMC (in French and English) you can find extensive information about the champagne houses, the rich and long history, the champagne process and the industry.


Website SGV

Champagne producers
The Syndicat Géneral des Vignerons de la Champagne, SGV) represents 99% of the champagne winegrowers and cooperatives. On the website of the SGV and on the website 'La Champagne viticole' (both only in French) there is a lot of information about their work, the vineyards and their champagnes, including current developments.
In 2001, 5000 affiliated winegrowers founded the collective brand 'Champagne de Vignerons' in order to increase brand awareness.
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